Privacy Statement

Privacy statement

This privacy policy explains how Qredits gathers and handles data and how privacy is ensured. Through our privacy policy we let you know which data we store, what we send to third parties and/or other Qredits users and make you aware of your rights. We advise you to closely read this privacy statement. 


Qredits is responsible for the processing of personal data on and through their websites and Qredits is also responsible for the processing of necessary personal data in their role as lender while offering entrepreneurs business development tools, mentoring and business loans. 

Qredits is the trade name of the Qredits foundation (Stichting Qredits Microfinanciering Nederland). Qredits is situated at the Egbert Gorterstraat 6, 7607 GB Almelo in the Netherlands and registered with the Chamber of Commerce under registration number 08183535.   

Qredits can be reached by e-mail at

For what purpose does Qredits collect and process personal data?

The processing of your data is necessary to properly offer the desired products and / or services and to be able to execute the agreement that you are party to. Certain processing of your data is also necessary as it concerns a legitimate interest or a legal obligation. 

Depending on the products or services you wish to use with us, Qredits processes your personal data for a selection of the following purposes: 

  • to deliver products and/or services such as credit, mentoring, training and e-learning courses; 
  • to initiate or execute an agreement that you are party to. 
  • to be able to execute certain legal obligations by Qredits 
  • to check your creditworthiness and solvency, to check information for accuracy and to verify this with third parties; 
  • to verify your identity; 
  • to be able to send you information about available (future) products and / or services - of Qredits and its affiliates; 
  • to better tailor Qredits' products and / or services to the wishes and needs of its users; 
  • for the provision of the website; 
  • to secure the website or to protect the interests of Qredits; 
  • to be able to consult anonymized statistical data; 
  • in the context of mentoring services and processes; 
  • for research purposes; 
  • to deliver targeted marketing and advertising, (service) updates, newsletters and promotional offers; 
  • to offer you customer service; 
  • for the registration of reports of disputes and (alleged) infringements of intellectual property rights and / or other unlawful acts; 
  • to handle any complaints as correctly and completely as possible. 

What information does Qredits collect and process? 

Qredits has different target groups. A large target group consists of (potential) entrepreneurs with credit needs. In addition, Qredits offers coaching and training, which can also be claimed by non-credit customers. Different types of personal data are processed for the different target groups. This privacy statement therefore makes a distinction between these target groups. 

Personal data with a credit application

Those involved who apply for credit or conclude a credit agreement with Qredits can use the MijnQredits environment for credit customers. This is a protected environment in which the information about your credit is displayed. In this environment you also enter your personal data. In addition, you must create a password in this environment which will be used for verification in the future. 

With a credit application, we assess whether we can provide a credit. For this we also use data that we receive from you and from others. It concerns the following data. 

Personal data of the credit applicant 

Gender, first name, initials, family name, date of birth, country of birth, nationality, marital status, address, current email address, mobile phone number, phone number, main source of income, highest level of education, Qredits awareness and possible involvement in bankruptcy. 

If you submit a credit application to us, we will carefully assess it. In order to be able to carefully assess the application and to properly execute the agreement during the screening and approval process, we can ask you to provide the following information: 

  • Copy of ID. You can use the Copy ID app, which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store. The app is published by the National Service for Identity Data (part of the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations). 
  • Business plan (with financial plan [operating budget, investment budget and financing budget] and liquidity budget) 
  • Balance sheets for previous years 
  • Income and financial position of you and your possible partner, business associate and guarantor 
  • Private expenses and debt 
  • Bank name and account number 

We can also ask you to store medical data or data about a criminal history. We only do this if this is relevant to our services. 

Data on partner, business associates and their partners, guarantors and (co-)directors 

Gender, first name, initials, family name, date of birth, country of birth, nationality, marital status, address, current email address, mobile phone number, phone number, main source of income, highest level of education. 

You must first ask your partner, associate or partners of associates, guarantors or (co-) directors for permission before you pass on the data to us. We process the personal data of your partner, associate or partners of associates, guarantors or (co-) directors, because the processing is necessary to be able to enter into an agreement and because it is necessary to be able to execute the agreement in which they are involved. In addition data is processed to be able to comply with legal obligations. Think, for example, of creditworthiness assessments and verification of identity. 

We will perform the following tests with your data and the data of the other data subjects as 

included above: 

  • BKR (credit registrations of the Credit Registration Office) 
  • EDR (databank payment experiences of Economic Data Resources B.V.) 
  • D&B (creditworthiness companies of Dun & Bradstreet) 
  • VIS (validity of identity documents, Verification Identification System of the Credit Registration Office) 
  • EVA (fraud register, External Referral Application of the Association of Finance Companies in the Netherlands and the Dutch Banking Association) 

We only use data from account information service providers (so-called AISPs) after you have given your consent for access to the payment account. With this information we can also assess your creditworthiness. 

Company data  

Company name, Chamber of Commerce registration number and date of registration, type of legal entity, branch, address, telephone number, current email address, website, bank account number and name of bank and business plan. In the event of a credit application, the amount must be indicated as well. 

Personal data without a credit application 

If you do not submit a credit application to Qredits, but do want to use a coach, follow a training course or download a template, you also provide personal data to Qredits. You enter this information via our website when applying for or registering for a product. This concerns the following data or a selection of this data: 

Gender, first name, last name, email address, telephone number, street name, house number, zip code and city. 

Other personal data   

Qredits also processes automatically generated information of all its visitors about their surfing behavior during their use of and/or the MijnQredits surrounding. This information includes the IP address, the type of browser used and the pages visited. 

We use data regarding your visiting behavior to investigate possibilities for communication about our products and / or services and further optimization thereof. We use cookies to recognize you when you visit a Qredits website. We also use these cookies to collect data about the visits to our websites. The information you provide to us in this way is used by us only in accordance with the law and is done in a proper and careful manner. You can read more information in our cookiepolicy

Qredits applies 'Google Analytics' User ID to gain insight into the way visitors use our website and / or MijnQredits. 'Google Analytics' uses cookies to keep track of data about visits to the websites ( and and / or MijnQredits. This data (including your IP address) is processed by Google and can be linked to other data that Qredits has received from you. Google can provide this data to third parties if it is legally obliged to do so and / or if third parties process the data on behalf of Google. Qredits has no influence on this. Qredits has not allowed Google to use the obtained analytics information for other Google services. 

You can set your browser so that you no longer receive cookies. In that case Qredits does not guarantee that all products and / or services and functionalities of the website work correctly. Finally, Qredits may receive or collect additional information about you from third parties and add it to your information, to the extent permitted by law. For example, your creditworthiness is checked by requesting additional information about you from a credit agency or fraud prevention agency. 

Rights of you as a data subject and possibility to file an objection 

You can always view your own (personal) data and change it in your account if necessary. You have the right under Privacy law to freely submit a request for information to Qredits at reasonable intervals. If you want to know what data Qredits has recorded about you or if you want to request, changing or deleting data that you cannot see, or changing or deleting data in your account, you can request this.

Pursuant to the Privacy legislation, you as a data subject have a number of rights, such as the right of access, the right to be forgotten, the right to rectification and supplementation, the right to data portability, the right to limit the processing, the right to object to the data processing.

If you want to invoke one of these rights and you are not satisfied with the changes that you can make yourself via your MijnQredits account, you can submit a request by email:

If you have a complaint about the use of your personal data and we cannot find a solution together or you are not satisfied with our response, you can report this to the Privacy Supervisor. 

Retention period 

Your data will be kept by us as long as it serves the purpose for which it was collected. 

Personal data is not stored by Qredits longer than is permitted by law. In any case, Qredits will delete your personal data if they are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were collected and there is no longer a legitimate interest to process them in accordance with the purposes. 

If an agreement has been concluded between you and Qredits, the personal data will be retained for 7 years after termination of the agreement (in case of an underlying guarantee from the European Investment Fund, the terms are 7 years after the term of the guarantee agreement). This agreement can, for example, be concluded in the context of a credit, a coaching process, or participation in the ‘Ondernemersschool’. If no credit agreement has been concluded, personal data will be retained for 5 years after rejection or withdrawal of a (credit) application. If free products are downloaded from the website, the personal data will be retained for 2 years after downloading the product. 

If there is a fraud registration, we must keep the data for the period of registration. 

Automated decisions 

You have the right not to be subject to automated decisions. Specifically, this means that your credit application will not be granted or rejected fully automatically. We guarantee that there will always be human intervention when handling your credit application. 

Provision of information to third parties by Qredits 

Qredits has the right to outsource the processing of the (personal) data, or parts thereof, to (sub) processors. It concerns processors that are necessary for a secure online environment and the applications that are used. 

Qredits and (sub) processors engaged will not rent or sell your personal data to third parties without your express permission. 

Qredits provides personal data to third parties to the extent necessary to properly execute the agreement. You can think of your bank, the notary and the tax authorities. If you make payments via the Qredits website, the information necessary to make a payment will be provided to your bank. A notary will also receive information when establishing a mortgage deed. And before establishing a pledge, the deed of pledge will be submitted to the tax authorities for registration. 

Anonymized personal data that serve for statistical or scientific purposes can be provided. In principle, personal data will only be processed by Qredits - including its employees - and by its affiliated companies. 

However, Qredits does provide data to third parties if it is obliged to do so on the basis of a mandatory provision of law or a court order. An exception is also made if there are laws and / or regulations, or a court order that makes the provision of personal data necessary in the interest of the prevention, detection and prosecution of criminal (terrorist) offenses and such. 

Data security 

Qredits considers it important that your (personal) data is safe with us. We therefore take appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect this data against loss or unlawful processing. We also only engage (sub) processors who can give us guarantees with regard to secure data processing. 

If you suspect that your account has been misused, you must contact us. 

We ask you to always log in via the main page of our website and to check whether the connection between your computer and our servers is encrypted. In addition, we ask you to regularly check your password and never give it to third parties. You are responsible for the security of your password, username and your own network. 


The Qredits website may contain links to third party websites. These sites have their own privacy statements and Qredits is not responsible for their activities, including, but not limited to, how data is handled. Users who provide personally identifiable information to or through these third-party websites should first study the relevant privacy statements. 

Qredits take-over 

If the activities of Qredits, or the ensuing or related activities in the broadest sense of the word, are taken over by a third party in any way whatsoever, or if there is a merger or takeover, you give Qredits by accepting this privacy regulation explicit permission to transfer your (personal) data to third parties. 

Privacy regulation change 

This Privacy Policy may change over time as new features are added to Qredits products and / or services. 

Questions regarding these privacy regulations 

Qredits strives for a proper and transparent processing of your personal data. If you have any questions or complaints about the processing of your personal data or about your rights and obligations in connection with these privacy regulations, you can contact Qredits at: P.O. Box 302, 7600 AH Almelo or In this case, your name and contact details will be stored to handle your complaint or question as completely as possible.