Agri Business Academy

For entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector

Agricultural entrepreneurs

The Agri Business Academy is a Qredits program available in Aruba, bonaire and Curacao and lasts 12 to 14 weeks. The program consits of both theoretical and practical lessons, including a field visit to local farms. 

Develop your entrepreneurial knowledge and skills.

  • Focus on agricultural sector
  • Increased entrepreneurial knowledge and skills
  • Expert guest lectures and field visit
  • Certificate of completion


  1. E-learning Small Business Academy
  2. Work book Small Business Academy
  3. Supplementary materials related to the agriculture sector.
  4. Presentations by local farmers within the sector, including local and international guest lecturers.
  5. Certificate Agri Business Academy


contribute to society


cooperation leads to success


focus on the entrepreneur


Networking and making connections

For aspiring agricultural entrepreneurs

This course is designed for individuals interested in establishing a business within the agricultural sector, focusing on the cultivation of crops including leaf salad, bell peppers, tomatoes, watermelons, pumpkins, (plantain) bananas, and papaya, to promote innovation and reduce imports. Interested parties can enroll in the AGRI Business Academy to further develop their knowledge and skills.

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