Training Programs

Training programs for different target groups

BeYourOwnBoss school program

The purpose of this educational program is to make students aware of entrepreneurship at an early stage. 

Learning to start a business begins with Qredits

  • Collaborating and consulting
  • Communicating and presenting
  • Gathering and processing information
  • Planning and organizing

Current programs

Currently Qredits offers the following educational programs: 

  • E-learning courses on several topics (available in English: How to write a business plan & Microfinance Mentoring) 
  • BeYourOwnBoss School program – developed to make students aware of entrepreneurship at an early stage. 
  • Small Business Academy (10 week course) – for people considering or wanting to start a business
  • Entrepreneurial training program for migrants (14 weeks of lectures & mentoring) – to help migrants start a business in the Netherlands 
  • (Evening) Training Courses for credit customers (different topics) 

BeYourOwnBoss educational program

The BeYourOwnBoss educational program is a nationwide school program in the Netherlands. The international edition is used in the Caribbean and available for international partners. It is a 5-step program. 


At the kick-off a Qredits coach gives a guest lecture about entrepreneurship and financing. In this guest lecture the essential parts of a business plan are highlighted as well as the way in which a credit provider assesses a business plan.


During the course students work independently on the e-learning program to write a business plan for their own company (fictional or real). 

Guest lecture

During the program several guest lectures are given by existing entrepreneurs as well as Qredits coaches that are experts in the field.


At the end of the program a pitch event is organized where each student has to pitch his/her business plan in front of a jury panel.


Upon completion of the program students receive certificate of completion. In the Netherlands a special Student Loan Product has been developed for students that complete the program with a good business idea and successful pitch. 


Quick impression BeYourOwnBoss

This introductory video gives you a quick impression of our educational program BeYourOwnBoss.


Networking and making connections


contribute to society


cooperation leads to success


focus on the entrepreneur

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