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BeYourOwnBoss educational program

The BeYourOwnBoss educational program has been specifically developed by Qredits for entrepreneurial students. With the online e-learning and mobile app, it is a complete program that fits the world of young people. Throughout the program, students discover their 'entrepreneurial qualities'. The BeYourOwnBoss educational program does not make every student an entrepreneur, but it does make them more entrepreneurial!

Training students in entrepreneurship

  • Builds entrepreneurial skills 
  • Certificate of completion
  • E-learning and mobile app
  • Teacher manual and app

For the student

The BeYourOwnBoss educational program is easy to integrate into the lessons at your school. The program focuses on the Business Model Canvas (BMC). In five steps, you will learn hwo to set up your entrepreneurial portfolio and your BMC. With the BMC, you learn everything you need to know about entrepreneurship. Super useful, if you later want to get started with your own idea. Completing the program takes a total of 200 hours per student. During the program you receive a resource book and access to the e-learning and app. After you successfully complete the program, you receive a certificate.

For the teacher

As a teacher, you get access to the teacher portal where you can follow your students progress and run reports. You also receive a separate e-learning with tips and tricks on how to explain the BeYourOwnBoss program. If you have questions during the program, you can always contact our BeYourOwnBoss helpdesk at beyourownboss@qredits.nl.


Why BeYourOwnBoss?

  • Clear 

The program has a clear structure for both the teacher and the student. The theoretical parts have a logical build-up and the e-learning progress is made visible for both the teacher and the student.

  • Goal-Oriented 

At the end of the BeYourOwnBoss Education Program, every student has thought about their own business. They also know what is involved and have worked out an entrepreneurial portfolio and Business Model Canvas.

  • Entrepreneurial 

The plans made are (partially) implemented in practice during the course, and the creativity of the aspiring entrepreneurs can be seen during the pitch event. The practical assignments also help students develop an entrepreneurial attitude.

  • Unique 

Talented students are one step closer to real entrepreneurship after their pitch. They can continue with the advanced Qredits e-learning 'Writing a Business Plan' and later apply for a loan.

Students learn what entrepreneurship really entails: not just the silver linings, but also the rough edges and risks.

Fabiola Falkowska

Productmanager training at Qredits

Want to know more?

Would you like to know more about the possibilities at your school? Then contact us or request a demo at beyourownboss@qredits.nl.


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