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We can advise you on which systems and processes would best serve your organization

Qredits Consulting Services

Qredits has lots of experience using IT systems and innovations to manage back-office systems efficiently. Qredits project managers can advise you on which systems and processes would best serve your organization. 

IT consulting starts with Qredits

  • Consultation
  • Reporting tools
  • Big data use

Sharing best practices

Qredits is known as an innovative MFI using lots of IT-technology and innovations in order to manage the credit processes efficiently. Our current standard is based on years of investing in IT technology. We have found that many MFIs encounter the same challenges as Qredits did, such as: 

  • What in-house expertise do I need to manage my processes and systems? 
  • Do we choose custom-made or standard solutions? 
  • How much should I invest? 
  • Can I setup a scoring system with low budget and no data-history? 
  • How can I start small without losing the potential to grow big? 
  • How can I detect (potential) risks in my portfolio early on by the using smart systems? 

Due to the many requests to sell our IT systems or advise on how to implement programs and processes best suited for MFIs, we are introducing Qredits Consulting Services.  


We can advice you on

  • 360 degree customer view
  • Use of big data and external sources to validate applications 
  • Working efficiently through: 

           - Digital receipt & processing of applications 
           - Transparent processes to view workload and system hiccups 
           - Avoiding redundant data entry into different systems 
           - Automatizing notifications, e.g. in case of payment delays 

  • Monitoring portfolio risk development & risk on individual account basis 
  • Reporting tools 
  • Process control systems 
  • Project management systems 
  • Automatic monitoring (e.g. on social performance and customer satisfaction) 
  • Use of online marketing to maximize budget for customer outreach 
  • Special offers & opportunities for non-profits with regard to IT applications 

What we offer

  • One free Teams consultation meeting with our Manager of IT & Innovations 
  • Additional consulting services for €125 / hour (excl. VAT and travel expenses) 

When you request your free consultation, please give us a short description of your organization and what area you mostly need help with. 


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