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Entrepreneurship starts with Qredits

We help entrepreneurs start or grow their business

We are Qredits, a non-profit foundation

Qredits is a lean and sustainable organization that started in 2009 as an alternative credit provider for small and medium enterprises in the Netherlands. The organisation is financed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Dutch commercial banks and the European Investment Fund, the European Investment Bank, BNP Paribas and the Council of Europe Bank. 

In recent years Qredits has developed into the leading alternative financing channel for entrepreneurs in the Netherlands with more than 40,000 loans disbursed for a total of € 800,000,000. Qredits receives more than 130 new credit applications a day. 

The organisation has 140 professional employees and in addition works with over 600 volunteer coaches. The Qredits Academy offers a variety of training courses and programs, free to Qredits customers. Qredits also offers consulting and customized business development products at international level. 

Qredits is financially sustainable and internationally known as one of the best practice models in Europe. 

Entrepreneurial training program for newcomers in the Netherlands

Your own clothing store, a cozy coffee shop or bakery. Entrepreneurs bring a city to life! With the Entrepreneurial Training Program for Migrants or newcomers in the Netherlands, we give entrepreneurs the best possible start. In 14 weeks we help ambitious migrants turn their idea into a strong business plan. We also provide further coaching and training and will finance a good plan. 

The Entrepreneurial Training Program for Migrants is made possible by Qredits in cooperation with VluchtelingenWerk Nederland and the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. This project is funded under a broader agreement between the Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB) and the European Commission (Directorate General for Home Affairs), which aims to improve the integration of migrants in EU member states through the development of new partnerships and new forms of financing. 

Educating migrants on the Dutch business climate

  • Stimulate new business start-up for migrants
  • Help (starting) entrepreneurs make an informed choice for entrepreneurship
  • Provide opportunities for entrepreneurs to become financially/economically independent
  • Bridge the gap for (starting) entrepreneurs to grow into the mainstream financial sector

About our Entrepreneurial training program for migrants

Our products & Services

In today's market entrepreneurs find it increasingly difficult to obtain the right loan for the start or expansion of their business. Qredits has developed a number of different loan products to meet these needs.

  • Financing products 
    Building a business generally requires investments, be it for the remodel of  a property, buying inventory or equipment or taking over another business.
  • Mentoring
    Qredits mentors can assist the entrepreneur with common issues and questions that they face which could hamper the growth of their business
  • Educational programs
    The purpose of this educational program is to make students aware of entrepreneurship at an early stage.

Unique and distinctive because of our core values


focus on the entrepreneur


contribute to society


Networking and making connections


cooperation leads to success