Qredits offers the opportunity to select a mentor who can assist the entrepreneur

Assisting entrepreneurs

Qredits mentors can assist the entrepreneur with common issues and questions that they face which could hamper the growth of their business.

Business mentor for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs.

  • How do I go from idea to starting an actual company? 
  • What about permits? 
  • What will my income be? 
  • How do I organize my bookkeeping? 
  • How do I attract more customers? 

Coaching for success

We believe mentoring and coaching can contribute to the success and sustainability of a company. A mentor can be a sounding board and help the entrepreneur see things more clearly. Apart from that a mentor will provide the entrepreneur with a network, because entrepreneurs stand together! 

Qredits mentoring

Qredits mentors are experienced entrepreneurs or business professionals. For a nominal fee an entrepreneur can receive mentoring for three months to help with creating a business plan. Customers that have a loan with Qredits can get coaching for free or attend training courses at no cost.

Apart from our general mentoring program we offer mentoring in the following specializations: 

  1. Writing a business plan 
  2. Finance and administration 
  3. Sales and Marketing 
  4. Human resources 
  5. Crisis management and reorganization 
  6. Personal effectiveness 


focus on the entrepreneur


contribute to society


Networking and making connections


cooperation leads to success

Need assistance or have questions?

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