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E-learning course 'How to write a Business Plan' available in English

Marieke Knorren
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Marieke Knorren
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How to write a Business Plan

In September 2012 Qredits launched their first e-learning course Ondernemingsplan schrijven (How to write a Business Plan).  Over 1,500 copies have been sold since and three other e-learning courses have been written and published. 

The organisation is proud to announce that in June 2014 it will introduce the international English version of the e-learning course 'How to write a business plan'.   The course is tailored to the particular needs of entrepreneurs and consists of a combination of theory segments, assignments, real-life examples, test reviews and video clips. Upon completion the entrepreneur will have developed a complete business plan, ready to print and use to apply for  a loan for example.  For more information about this innovative online tool and availability, please contact us.